Friction Sheet

There are several advantages of using Tapryl and Taprene powders in different friction material, such as: Clutch Facing, Railway Brake Block, Brake Linings, Brake Pads and CV Pads.
The key advantages are: 

  • Green Strength
  • Anti Fade
  • Pre-form Quality
  • Braking Noise
  • Compressibility
  • Crack Resin Lance

All the grades are Pre-cross-linked branched / modified in different ways, and transformed various particle sizes to transform the compound of friction material at its best. Also, the grades are designed to accomplish the advantages of both processing and performance, whereas performance enhancements are formulation-oriented. Many customers use the combination of Taprene and Tapryl powders for better blinding as well as higher properties in commercial friction material.


We are a globally known supplier of specialty NBR Rubber Powders and Elastomer Modifiers. Offering an extensive portfolio of these materials, we serve for many industrial customers. NBR (Nitrile) and PVC are well-suited when mixed together. The NBR-PVC mixture is recommended for applications that require good resistance to oils, aliphatic solvents, and weathering etc. Grades of Pre-cross-linked NBR are used a lot in soft PVC compounds for calendaring and extrusion processes. These are specialty products for a range of technical PVC objects such as films, coated fabrics, crash pads, profiles & hoses, shoe soles, cable sheathings and floorings in blends with PVC.


  • Enhanced Impact Resistance
  • Reduced Abrasion & Wear
  • Low Temperature Flexibility
  • Reduced Migration of Plasticizer
  • Rubber Like Feel (TPE)
  • Anti-Fogging
  • Enhanced Mechanical Properties
  • Ozone, Weather Resistance
  • Oil / Chemical / Fuel Resistance

Foot Wear

Tapryl Powders play a major role in the modification of PVC & EVA based footwear compounds. They help enhance various properties, such as resistance against impact, oil etc., elasticity and mechanical characteristics. Our offered Tapryl Powder can be used in many rations with EVA and PVC. Also, we provide special materials based on your details for your specific applications. Cost-effective and productive, our products offer improved features. They are developed to meet global standards and latest trends of the manufacturing.


  • Oil, gasoline resistance
  • Abrasion resistance
  • Improved Elasticity
  • High impact resistance
  • Permanent Plasticizer
  • High Foaming Stability
  • Increased Mechanical Properties


Elastomer powders are used in the manufacturing of PVC and Olefin based cable compounds. These powders improve the mechanicals in several compounds, and meet the TPE requirements in high-end applications. TPE based on elastomer powders has an increased demand, because of the look as well as feel for the products in present-day electronic market. These have great potential in terms of the promising applications. Also, they are accepted as high-quality raw materials or components in the industry. The elastomer powders are designed to improve the performance as well as aesthetics of commercial formulas.


  • Assure quality and cost-effectiveness
  • Increased added value
  • Good cost-performance properties


Our Liquid and Powder based modifiers are used widely in the Industry of PVC Leather Cloth. These are designed to improve the flexibility, soft touch, elasticity, and retention of plasticizers. They help improve the looks and performances in the applications. Also, the process-ability of the modifiers are well-suited to the latest market manufacturing procedures. We make sure that the products are cost-effective as well as performance-oriented. They meet the global market requirements very well, and serve the best possible.


  • Enhance the performance and aesthetics
  • Offer considerable processing
  • Economical and productive
  • Exceptional material for leather industry


Tapryl elastomer powders are used in rubber metal bonded goods, friction lining, and other allied applications where neoprene based glues are in use. Nitriles can moderately replace neoprenes in correct ratios in wide-ranging specialty applications. The powders allow for easy, cost-effective applications. They are widely applicable for manufacturing of adhesives. Also, we make sure that our products are designed to be safe, effective and globally sound. They meet current industrial norms and trends as well.

Jointing Gasket Sheet

Tapryl rubber powders are effective for jointing sheets of compressed fibre. The sheets are manufactured by wet process by using rubber powders and fibres for better mixing and uniform matrix. There is vast use of powdered rubber over conventional bales, on the basis of price as well as productivity. The powders help enhance the mechanical properties in a more uniform way, due to its good dispersion in the mix. They are developed to be cost-effective, useful and simple in nature.

We are Dealing in only Raw Material of Masterbatches, Raw Compositable Materials, Rubber Powder.
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