Taprene | SBR Powder

SBR Rubber Powderare the synthetic general purpose elastomers that are considered as one of the best alternative of the natural rubber. There structure consist of highly random copolymer of butadiene with a styrene percentage in between 10 to 25 percent. These are produced by free-radical solution or by emulsion polymerization by treating them at a temperature ranges from 30 to 60 degree Celsius for hot working and near zero degree Celsius for rubber.SBR Rubber Powder are used for the production various elastic products that can be used in applications which includes drive couplings, conveyor belts, adhesives, roll coveringshaul-off pads, shoe soles and heels and car tires and other mouldedgoods.

We are Dealing in only Raw Material of Masterbatches, Raw Compositable Materials, Rubber Powder.
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