TapStar | Additive Masterbatches
TapStar | Additive Masterbatches are well known for their static build up prevention capacity, anti microbial characteristics, impact and fire resistance attributes. These multipurpose masterbatches are off white in color and these tend to degrade at more than 250 degree C temperature.
Tapryl | Elastomer Powders
NBR Rubber Powder is an oil resistant rubber which is available in synthetic form to ensure easy applying on metals surface. This powder is used for reducing friction.
Taprene | SBR Powder
SBR Rubber Powder is linear polymer having high heat resistant ability and excellent mechanical properties. It is used to manufacture friction products with excellent surface structure and texture. 
Texon | Rubber Sheet
Rubber Insulation Sheets are highly-flexible and durable elastomeric sheets widely used for conserving energy and preventing condensation on large pipes. They are provided with exceptional thermal properties to resist moisture penetration and heat loss.
TapStoff | Masterbatches for Non - Wovens
Masterbatches are the polymeric additives that are used for colouring and to add other properties in plastics to enhance their physical appearance and elasticity of the products. These carrier materials are suitable for various other substance and can be easily blended during moulding.
TapBeam RadX | Specialty Cable Compounds
TapBeam RadX | Specialty Cable Compounds serves local and international customers with complete support, flexibility, high-quality products, and on-time delivery. A diverse range of bespoke elastomeric and polyolefin-based compounds is available. They are very effective as well as economical and safe to use. 
TapBio | Compostable raw material
TapBio | Compostable raw material is created from natural plant starch and produce no hazardous waste. This decompose quickly in a composting system because to microbial activity. It can be decomposed into water, carbon dioxide, and biomass by living creatures, mainly microorganisms.

We are Dealing in only Raw Material of Masterbatches, Raw Compositable Materials, Rubber Powder.
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